About Sam


                  Nearly 2 million total YouTube views




Kia Orana - Sam has been vocal from the moment he was born - say his parents!


At his 2nd birthday party - he sang 'Happy Birthday' to himself, louder and stronger and

more in tune than everyone else.


Then when Sam was at Preschool (4yrs old) a local radio station visited to interview some

preschoolers for a segment on their morning show.  Sam interviewed well and they invited

him into the studio the next day.  He recorded for an hour with most of the session singing

several MJ numbers.  The team quickly figured out what buttons to push when they saw

his well loved (and battered) copy of MJ's History CD clutched in his hands.


The following year his new entrant school teacher took his mother aside and asked if he

would perform a solo at the school Christmas Concert!  Sam took it calmly in his stride

and belted out a warm and touching version of "I Can See Clearly Now" in the school hall.  

It was when he finished and his mother saw all the audience crying, she realised he was

blessed with a special talent she couldn't ignore.  

Sam was just 5yrs old.  


When he was 7yrs old, Sam's family moved to Auckland and he joined a local Childrens

Musical Theatre group, his first show being Peter Pan.  He caught the musical theatre 'bug'

and went on to perform in many musicals - for many years - and often landing himself lead



Sam started posting videos of his performances on YouTube in 2007 so his family and

friends from around New Zealand could keep up with what he was doing.


He now has a total of nearly 2 million YouTube views and along the way he has won himself

many friends, supporters and fans from all around the world.  


Fast Forward to 2016.  


Sam was very lucky and very honored to be offered 2 scholarships to University where he has started studying Communications, Business and Law.


He will continue to make music in his spare time while he moves onto the next chapter of his life.  


Sam is staunchly proud of his Pacific Island heritage.  

His guitarist father insists his musical ability comes from his Cook Island roots.  

His mother thinks it could have come from his maternal grandfather who was a Radio Broadcaster, Theatre Performer, Singer and Actor!  


Either way - Sam is lucky.  He has been blessed.


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